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As a museological location we do not only show art, we educate
Tour by Museum Host

Every Wednesday we organize free guided tours through our museum for a maximum of 15 people. There are two timeslots available: from 11 AM – 12 PM and from 15 PM – 16 PM. The tours are temporarily suspended, due to COVID-19.

Speak Sessions

The Speak Sessions range from panel discussions to readings to Ask-Me-Anythings to group sessions, and cover all kinds of interesting topics within youth culture, art and society. Mail us for more information and collabs!

Bijlmer Bruist Tour

Besides our museum space, we also organise guided tours through the original Bijlmer neighbourhood, in Dutch or in English. Want to learn more about the history or the Bijlmer? Mail us for more information and to book!

Kids & Teens

Youngsters will get an easy and accessible introduction to art in both a theoretical as well as a creative way. We offer different excursions for different age groups. Mail us for more information!