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Georbella-Jocelyne and Mora Ishia, photographed by Bram Romkes

Say hi to our very first merchandise! The New Originals made a special polo in light of the extensive collaboration with us and Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam. Besides the numerous chess activities, workshops and games we organized in 2021, this special edition polo celebrates our love for the game! Available online and at the TNO Flagship Store in Amsterdam.

Georbella-Jocelyne and Mora Ishia by Bram Romkes

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Left: Marlou Fernanda, right: Nikè Merchand

Are you considering to buy a piece of art from one of the OSCAM exhibitions? You are more than welcome to do so. By buying a piece of art you support the young and talented artists and invest in both a the development of potential great artist and in a truly more diverse art scene of the future.


Both connected to Amsterdam Southeast, The New Originals and OSCAM teamed up because of their shared interest to blend and give back to communities. The result? The TNO x OSCAM XXL Chess; created from the believe that chess can function as a universal language that can build bridges between different groups.

Our large scale chess set has been developed in collaboration with Space Junk’s Alan Nguyen and 3D Next Level. The chess set’s first home was at the business campus of the HvA as part of the OSCAM exhibition ‘Good Citizenship’, whereafter it was temporarily stationed at the TATA STEEL CHESS Tournament: one of the most prestigious chess competitions in the world.

Photographer: Les Adu

Photography by Les Adu

Want to rent our XXL Chess? Click here, for our flyer.

Starting price € 2000
Price per day € 100*

*15% discount is applied to every day after the first day of rental

Prices include transport and handling.