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Patta Summerschool T-shirt

The Patta Summerschool hosted by OSCAM, B&A, Madizo and Patta was a great success, and the interest in the tees was just as big! Based on the huge demand for shirts, even after they were sold out, we want to announce the release of a small back-order of the corresponding Summerschool T-shirts. The tees will be available in the three different colourways ‘Black’, ‘Tapenade’ and ‘Illusion blue’.

Photographer: Pasqual Amade

BLACK Patta Summerschool T-shirt featuring Jalill

Sizes available: XS, S, M


TAPENADE Patta Summerschool T-shirt featuring Teleah

Sizes available: S, M


ILLUSSION BLUE Patta Summerschool T-shirt featuring Jerynhio

Sizes available: S
Sizes SOLD OUT: M, L


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