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YOAK presents senakirfa A.

Our newest name for the Young OSCAM Art Kitchen is multidisciplinary artist senakirfa A.! In her most recent work, senakirfa A. (1999) persistently explores the intrinsic nature of remembering that is guided by nostalgia; she approaches nostalgia as a notion that signifies her diasporic-postcolonial existence. Using diverse media, she simulates situations in which she questions the essence of both recognition and estrangement.

Curator: Noukhey Forster
Young OSCAM Curator: Sasu Aghafua
Artist: senakirfa A.
Image credits: Iriée Zamble & Jordide Vetten
Special thanks: Marian Duff, Marjorie Richards, Louisanne van Hooff, Shaquille Shaniqua Joy & Annoëlle van Hooff

1 October 2022 | November 2022