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YOAK presents Levi Emmanuël Wattimena

Levi Emmanuël Wattimena is an interdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is interested in and inspired by forms, shapes, connections, patterns, poses and the physical and spiritual connection between two (or more) human beings. The fact that his work often starts living a life of its own and is prone to change, both fascinates and scares him sometimes.

Levi’s thinking process has always been playful and experimental. He has been painting his whole life, but for the past years he has explored the disciplines of illustration, sculpture, textile processing and printing. Interdisciplinary work fits very well with Levi’s interests and subjects, as it mirrors the versatility of being human. This exhibition also shows the different sides of Levi as an artist, including works made through painting, drawing and candle sculpting.


Curators and production: Noukhey Forster & Sasu Aghafua
Artist: Levi Emmanuël Wattimena
Image credits: Almichael Fraay
Special thanks: Marian Duff, Charmaine Wartes, Marjorie Richards & Louisanne van Hooff


12 February 2022 | 26 March 2022