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The Clark Accord Sessions

YouToday and the Clark Accord Foundation will present the Clark Accord
Sessions. An afternoon on which the successful debut novel “De Koningin van Paramaribo” by Clark Accord (1961-2011) and his person are central. The story of “De Koningin van Paramaribo” is based on the life of perhaps the most famous and notorious prostitute in Suriname, Maxi Linder, who especially caused a furore during the colonial period.
Twenty years later, “De Koningin van Paramaribo” is still a source of inspiration for different generations, theater makers, artists, writers, poets and artists. What impact has the book had? at work? Why is the Maxi Linder story still current? The anniversary of “The Queen of Paramaribo ’is celebrated with music, interviews, spoken word, art and a presentation of themes inspired by the book and the writer. With performances by actress Helen Kamperveen, theater maker Dorothy Blokland and the Poetry Class by city poet van Gershwin Bonevacia.

Time: 14:30-17:00

Photo Credits : Koos Breukel