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OSCAM Speak Session x OHIM

On Thursday May 25th OSCAM is delighted to host the first Speak Session that is all in reference to the exhibition OSCAM x OHIM: ‘Shifting The Narrative’. Here, national and international esteemed fashion designers reflect on- and revalue the meaning of empowerment in regards to the Zeitgeist and its unwavering beauty standards of the Black man. ‘Shifting The Narrative’, cleverly introduces a controversial image of what fashion and art is through a visual language where models, collections, and presentations don’t conform to the prevailing image.

Within this Speak Session we will delve deeper into this issue as introduced by multidisciplinary fashion platform OHIM, and we will discuss the following two items in depth;
1. Take action: What can we do to make a difference and change the industry?
2. Celebrating the Black identity in menswear: How can we celebrate the Black man in fashion? Focusing on the past, the present and most important, the future. 

During the Speak Session we will parlay with the industry, the designers and the audience. Additionally, the ‘Shifting The Narrative’ namesake exhibition-movie will be shown, showcasing an honest portrait of the Black man and their hurdles within their profession and their hopeful glance upon the future. Featuring Denzel Veerkamp, Guillaume Schmidt, Ike Melchizedek, Ishijah Thompson, Jacquill Basdew, Jemal Etnel, Karim Flores Afifi, Maru Asmellash, Noukhey Forster and Osayi Osawe Turay.

The Speak Session is moderatored by Stephanie Africa, featuring curator Noukhey Forster (OHIM), Eben Badu (The New Originals), William Ampofo (CRUÉL) and Guillaume Schmidt (Patta).

with  are to be announced. Seating is limited so sign up now!

Image: Carin Verbruggen & Ferry Drenthem Soesman.


Thursday May 25, 2023 | 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM