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Collaboration alert Opera Forward Festival! Discover and discuss the past, present and future of opera with us in the OSCAM Speak Session x Opera Forward Festival.

How can opera build a bridge between the arts and the world we live in? The unique collaboration between OSCAM and the Opera Forward Festival (initiative taken by the Dutch National Opera) presents how opera is in search for a contemporary, yet sustainable place in this world, by means of performances and interviews.

*Frank Wong (bariton)
*Djuwa Mroivilli (pianist)
*Orlando Ceder a.k.a. Nana Lando Cedre (live band)
*Bijlmer Parktheater presents ‘De Zwarte Mozart’
*’Chineke! Orchestra’ by Jan van der Plas, Djuwa Mroivilli and Dion Stevers

Panel and talks
*Richard Soesanna (Creative Director and DJ)
*Orlando Ceder (Black Harmony)
*Anthony Heidweiller (Opera Forward Festival)
*Marlon Titre (Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag)
*Arturo de Hartog (Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag)

Come and join the conversation and music!

Photo: Xyvonne Koeiman for OSCAM. Courtesy of OSCAM.

Date + Time

31/10/2019 | 5PM-7PM