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Shifting The Narrative is a fashion exhibition that counters the current fashion industry by focusing on the Black man. Here, the multidisciplinary fashion platform OHIM introduces a controversial image of what fashion and art are through a visual language where models, collections, and presentations don’t conform to the prevailing image. 

In collaboration with OHIM, OSCAM is delighted to invite Bianca Saunders, BOTTER, CRUÈL, Denzel Veerkamp, Filling Pieces, PALMWINE IceCREAM and The New Originals to reflect on- and revalue the meaning of empowerment concerning the Zeitgeist and its unwavering beauty standards, especially for those of colour. 

Curated by Noukhey Foster, Shifting The Narrative will present new and exciting work, designed to contribute to the narrative of Black man in fashion. With this exhibition, we aim to showcase male fragility and wish to reshape the definition of masculinity. Creating an alternative identity without veiling one’s authenticity. Presenting visuals where rough is juxtaposed with gentle, where butch and tender find common ground and rebellious fashion is combined with sleek silhouettes. 

For this exhibition the Decoratelier of Dutch National Opera & Ballet participated by developing the decor and added significant value to the exhibition with their expertise thereof. 

OSCAM, alongside its partners, celebrates its own connotations, denotations, and traditions and welcomes each to rethink their participation within the demarcated social structures rendering on skin, gender, and fluidity.

Curator: Marian Duff and Noukhey Forster
Head of production: Noukhey Forster
Executive production: Leroy Wadie
Production assistant: Alisha Knight, Robin Poccornie
Pr & marketing: Okra Agency
Made possible by: Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie, Fonds 21, Dutch Opera & Ballet Decoratelier, Masterplan Zuidoost
Artists: Bianca Saunders, BOTTER, CRUÉL, Denzel Veerkamp, Filling Pieces, OHIM, Palmwine ICEcream, PATTA x Bodil Ouédraogo and The New Originals

On view from

Sunday March 12 - Thursday June 08, 2023