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OSCAM x BNNVARA x HazazaH x Noah Latif Lamp present Roofkunst – Souvenirs of stolen cultures

How do we deal with our colonial legacy of stolen art? How can we make room for a contemporary and inclusive view? In collaboration with the creators of the documentary series Roofkunst and artist Noah Latif Lamp, we are looking for answers to these questions. Roofkunst is a plea for a new, inclusive narrative about the colonial history of the Netherlands and other European nations, and a look behind the scenes of discussions about colonial art that are being conducted within the museum world.

The exhibition is part of the impact campaign based on the 8-part documentary series ‘The Art Dispute’, directed by Hans Pool and co-produced by Hazazah Pictures and¬†BNNVARA.

Supported by: BNNVARA, VSBfonds

More info coming soon!

Due to the COVID-19 measurements, we do not know yet in which form the opening will take place. Keep checking the website and the socials for updates!


15 April 2021 | 5 May 2021


15 April 2021