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OSCAM x Vogue

In collaboration with Vogue Netherlands, OSCAM presents ‘OSCAM x Vogue’ an exhibition where stylists and fashion editors Esmeralda Tan, Sheila Pinas and Xaviera Aubri travel back to their beloved homeland, resulting in two photography series.

Esmeralda Tan and visual artist and photographer Sheila Pinas present ‘So so lobi (only love)’, an intricate love letter to their treasured Surinam and their Surinamese uncles and Baddie aunties. A photography series dedicated to those who have become forever style icons, an inspirational blueprint set in the beauty and greenery of their ancestors’ land. ‘So so lobi (only love)’ is an honest celebration of extravagance. A dive into the waters of Surinam, a portrait of its splendour and a reconciliation of its past.

Xaviera Aubri introduces ‘Rise’, an ode to the rich and fraught history of Curacao. A saddened memory of enslavement juxtaposed by the exuberance and the beauty of natural hair, symbolising protest, aiming to embrace a narrative of cultural and spiritual unity. On the land of their forefathers, ‘Rise’ attempts to shudder the shackles of European-centred beauty ideals imposed through colonisation. Imploring the natural grandeur of Black beauty in all its shades and textures.

‘OSCAM x Vogue’ introduces a reconciliation with the ‘Dutch Commemoration Year of Slavery Past’ through a tender, intimate yet fashionable perspective.



‘So so lobi (only love)’
By Esmeralda Tan & Sheila Pinas

Photography: Sheila Pinas & Ricardo van Lachterop
Creative direction: Sheila Pinas
Creative consultant: Ricardo van Lachterop
Styling: Esmeralda Tan,
Styling assistants: Trish Beghin & Melanie Butter
Hair: Eldridge Mullenhof
Make-up: Thirza King 
Nail artist: Hannah Vrede
Model: Sheila Pinas

By Xaviera Aubri

Photography: Jouke Bos
Creative direction: Xaviera Aubri
Styling: Xaviera Aubri
Producer: Leah Zonneveld
Hair: Anita Jolles
Make-up: Anita Jolles
Model: Tianna St.Louis, Dee Jeany, A’Janae & Eugenée

Special thanks to: Marian Duff & Loes Alice Gobes.

On view from

Monday July 3, 2023 | Wednesday July 19, 2023