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OSCAM x Openbaar Ministerie x Museumnacht is a fact, and boy do we have a program for you! We have the final Speak Session on ‘New Rules’, we open our newest eponymous exhibition, we have some performances planned for you, and we end with a classic OSCAM partaaaaaay!


Spoken column

Femke Halsema


Panel talk 1 hosted by Riza Tisserand

Charro Mauricio, Kimmycake, Wenner Regales, Gilma Laurence and Virgil Tevreden


Panel talk 2 hosted by Riza Tisserand

Tanja Jadnanansing, Job van Beekhoven,  Guillaume Schmidt and Maru Asmellash



Opening expo

Tanja Jadnanansing, Guillaume Schmidt and Maru Asmellash



Dj’s and music

Ike Melchizedek, Richard Soesanna, SEPA and One Men

Date + Time

02/11/2019 | 7PM-2AM