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Citizenship has a political-legal, economic, social and vital citizenship dimension. We zoom in on the social dimension, which is about willingness and the ability to be part of a multicultural community and to actively contribute to it.


What do you think ‘good citizenship’ means? We asked United Painting, Marlou Fernanda, Maikel Deekman and Antonis Pittas to translate their answer into art. Find out their responses here.


Curators: Marian Duff & Jeroen Visser
Production: Noukhey Forster, Phuong Nguyen & Sasu Aghafua
Artists in residence: UP, Marlou Fernanda, Maikel Deekman and Antonis Pittas
Photography: Les Adu Photography
Videography: Fidelio Faustino
Supported by: Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Special thanks: Ineke Bussemaker, Thijs Ottens, Samra Asmellash, Charmaine Wartes, Ahisha Echteld, Allysia van Duijn, Shaquille, Shaniqua Joy, Lesly Kitioku en Louisanne van Hooff


9 September 2021 | December 2021