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BOUT IT #3 is in the making! This time we would like to show you our process from the initial research to the final product. That’s why in BOUT IT #3, we turned things around and started a Speak Session series that introduced our new focus.⁠⁠

In the OSCAM Speak sessions x BOUT IT #3, we celebrate women’s contributions to hiphop. Women’s visions of hiphop were groundbreaking and undeniably paved the way for the genre’s growth – yet unfortunately, they are often overlooked in the male-dominated scene.⁠⁠ That’s why we decided to explicitly highlight female hiphop artists in the Netherlands and Senegal.

In the first session Ella John (NL) and Aida Sock (SN) discussed hip hop, authentic power and femininity with our host Dionne Verwey.

In the second session we talked to Zanillya (NL) and Magui (SN), whom will discuss mental health, claiming a spot in the industry while leaving space for others and rapping about taboo subjects.

All sessions will be launched on YouTube, so click that subscribe button!

With BOUT IT #3 we seek to form a bridge between hip hop culture and classic museum culture. It highlights different sides of the international and Amsterdam style hip hop scene and offers artists the opportunity to present themselves on a fundamentally different stage.

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