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OSCAM x Speak Session x OM: Street Fashion

This month we are kicking off the series Speak Session x OM (the Public Prosecution Service) about youth culture, lifestyle and crime. The upcoming Speak Session will focus on street fashion. Wearing expensive designer clothes can be seen as a status symbol. Among youngsters as well as young criminals. What does it take to be able to wear brands like Gucci and Philipp Plein? What are you willing to do for it?
– Maru Asmellash, creative director The New Originals, Zeedijk60
Emy el Ghalbzouri, branding and art director, journalist for Vogue NL
– A public prosecutor, of the Public Prosecution Service
Riza Tisserand, radio host at NPO1, rapper, comedian, and jurist
Other topics and dates:
Icons | Thursday 27 June | 5PM – 7PM
Hiphop | Friday 27 September | 5PM – 7PM
New Rules | Saturday 2 November | 7PM – 2AM (XXL Museumnacht edition)
Tickets are free.