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Speak Session: Fashion, Identity and Afropunk

Expending your perspective through the means of dialogue and listening to one another, that’s where OSCAM believes in. To meet this need, we program different Speak Sessions with different partners.

The upcoming Speak Session has the theme ‘fashion, identity and afropunk‘. Together with an awesome panel of experts from the fashion industry, we will discuss how these topics manifest itself on Dutch soil.

Kimberly Willems (Culture curator, host and model)

Maureen Powel (Stylist, model and blogger)
Osborne Stjeward (MC, ondernemer en oprichter Areaboys)
Carmen Hogg (Style anthropologist and freelance writer)
Christiano Mpasi Bila (Designer and winner fashion fest 2018)
Mick Groeneveld (Oprichter en creative bij Branding Equality)