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Last September, we travelled to 010 with youth of the Bims. We had an incredible and illuminating talk at Het Klooster, with the youth of Roffa, Stichting Ik ben WIJ, Studio Act Out, Stichting Helderheid 5314 and Stichting JOZ. A conversation about art, culture, politics, safety and hopes and dreams for the future of our beautiful cities that struck a chord with all of us.

Due to the lockdown, a follow up session in Damsko was not possible yet, but we are finally bringing it back home in another Speak Session! On May 6 the aforementioned parties, together with representative of local police and politics will come to OSCAM and discuss the topics further. Through an interactive program hosted by Maru Asmellash and Louisanne van Hooff, in which we will discuss five statements about the cities with the youth, Isaura Carrilho and Marcel Dela Haije, we will steer the future of these two cities towards the goals of the younger generation. We will also write down our dreams in poetry and spoken word, under the guidance of Sarah Pluijgers.

Private program due to COVID-19 measurements

Thursday May 6