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We’ve created a Speak Session interview series of short films including three artists who are part of the exhibition Refresh Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Museum.

Join OSCAM visiting the participating artists while discussing what ‘Sense of Place’ means to them, how their perception of home might have changed throughout their lives and how their environment influences them and their art.

We will be in conversation with Dre Urhahn, founder of United Painting, Multimedia Visual Artist Tyna Adebowale and Founder and Creative Director of Ado Ato Pictures: Tamara Shogaolu.

Creative Direction: Shaquille Shaniqua Joy,  Fidelio Faustino
Cinematography: Fidelio Faustino
Analog Videography: Shaquille Shaniqua Joy, Fidelio Faustino
Production: Shaquille Shaniqua Joy
Editor: Fidelio Faustino
Guests: Dre Urhahn, Tyna Adebowale and Tamara Shogaolu
Music: Bnnyhunna


January 22 | 8 PM

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