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OSCAM x Patta present ‘We are here forever. Do you understand?’

With the current surge of POC focussed art exhibitions in The Netherlands, including the highly publicised participation of the country’s most prestigious art institutions, many questions arise regarding the motives of these institutions to collectively change their course of action.

What is the difference between strategic alignment and genuine engagement, what can be said about the longevity of such initiatives, who is the real target audience of these shows, where does interest become feshization, and is the content that is being shown making a substantial contribution toward a more inclusive society?

We feel a necessary inclination to assert that we’re here. To assert that we are collectively in this position and might be for a long time coming. To assert the validity of these artists whomst have always been in this place.

This is Another Art Show, an example of how we would choose to curate a show should we be here forever – stuck in this place.


Curatoren: Lee Stuart and Esmeralda Violette
Artists: Gilleam Trapenberg, Wes Mapes, Stacii Samidin, Serana Angelista, Shertise Solano and Dion Rosina
Production: Noukhey Forster
Special thanks: Max Hartwig and Xyvonne Koeiman

Date + time

Thursday March 5 | 7 PM - 9 PM