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YOAK x Osayi Osawe ‘Branches of the Soul’ 

YOAK is delighted to announce ‘Branches of the Soul’ by Osayi Osawe.

An emerging visual artist, born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria, where as a child he drew inspiration from his Edo heritage. This series is inspired by trees and their shapes, which present a different perspective from every angle. He draws inspiration from a period of self-discovery during which he grappled with internal and physical restlessness in his body.

By seeking the core of his identity during that time, he was able to discover new life. The flowing lines in his work allude to this experience, and with his series ‘Branches of the Soul,’ he hopes to inspire others to contemplate life and view it from various perspectives.

‘Branches of the Soul’ reflects the idea that each of us is like a tree, with our own unique set of branches that connect us to the outside world. Ultimately, this exhibition aims to create an immersive experience using various media to encourage viewers to reconsider their relationship with their own body, spirit, and the world. And to reconnect them with their essence and discover their limitless potential through the interplay of movement, spirituality, and nature.

Osawe sees art as a medium for exploring identity, spirituality, and purpose, as well as promoting a sense of oneness that transcends the physical world. His work strives to address life’s difficult questions and break down the personal boundaries and limitations that we often impose on ourselves.


Curator: Noukhey Forster
Young OSCAM Producer: Manu João Drenthem Soesman
Artist: Osayi Osawe

Graphic Design: Annoëlle van Hooff

Special thanks to: Marian Duff & Treshna Ballantine