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Our creative producer Richard Soesanna made the video ‘Tomorrow never dies’, about how COVID-19 has influenced him and other creatives.

“I wanted to show the internal struggle, but still find inner strength and tools to keep me on the right path. It’s also about trusting the process of life.”

How do you trust the process of life and what you are working on? As we are all in this together, we want to support at least 6 different creatives with a 2K grant.

Therefore OSCAM organizes the open call ‘Tomorrow never dies’. Mail [email protected] BEFORE July 20 for more information.

Concept and creative direction: Richard Soesanna
Music and styling: Richard Soesanna
Filmed by: Ilyas Gün
Video editor: Max H
Music recording: Hustler4life studio
Music mastering: T.X.F.

Date + Time

July 8th - July 20th