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During Museumnacht OSCAM transformed itself into a temple of black joy. Together with artists of our current exhibition ‘Black Manifesto‘ and The Black Archives, Kahlil Joseph’s BLKNWS, the YOAK exhibition of Nikè Marchand, and the screening of KOERIERS, we discovered what black joy means and how it can be a form of resistance. Thank you for dropping by and for the good vibes all through the night! We had a blast!

It was like watching art, seeing the OSCAM x TNO XXL Chess set standing in the entry hall of the Stedelijk Museum. The set had such a lovely stay at the Stedelijk Museum, that it came back one more time during Museumnacht!

Shoutout to Nkye for capturing our night just right. Catch a glimpse of what went down in OSCAM and Stedelijk in the video of AT5 below!

Date + time

Saturday November 6 | 8 PM - 12 PM