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OSCAM x Kindermuseumdirecteuren ‘Stronger Together – Now and Forever’


This exhibition was created in collaboration with the first generation of museum kid-directors Nisi, Maya-Elena and Gabriëlla. They received a unique look behind the scenes of OSCAM where they got to work on curating this exhibition.
The exhibition features works of art created by the directors and their peers. The works were created during a series of workshops developed by OSCAM for children aged 10-12 years. This year the workshops were dedicated to the ‘commemorative year’, during which the celebration of Keti Koti and its significance were contemplated.
The emphasis of the workshops laid on the role that Amsterdam played in the history of slavery. In the workshops we explored the experience of slavery as a form of ‘unfreedom’. What did it mean to be enslaved? How would an enslaved person have felt and thought? What does freedom mean to you? Can you also feel unfree due to discrimination, racism and/or prejudice? And what does it actually mean to give others the freedom to be themselves?
Read more about the young museum director’s experience below.

“How did you experience being a young museum director?”

Gabriëlla: “I found it quite enjoyable; it was the first time I had done something like this. It wasn’t something I specifically wanted to do. I was on my way home with Gabriella, whom I know from summer school when I was spontaneously asked if I wanted to do this. So, it was a bit new for me.”

Nissi: “I didn’t actually know that being a children’s director existed. My sister saw it on Instagram and then sent it to my mother. At that moment, I didn’t have dance lessons and such, and now suddenly I do, so now it’s kind of busy now, also because I’m in eighth grade, the last year of elementary school. I actually find it enjoyable and special.”

Maya-Elena: “I have done something like this before, but not for a museum. I participated in Young Masters where children from grades 7 & 8 can help improve Southeast. You meet 1-2 times a month to discuss issues in Southeast and take action to improve them. Last year, we addressed racism and discrimination.”


“What would you want to show about your own culture?”

Nissi: “The food, the clothing, the music, and the dancing.”

Gabriëlla: “The food, our style of clothing, our music, how we do things…”

Maya-Elena: “I actually don’t know what I find beautiful or special about my culture. I live here, not there. I don’t live close to South Africa, not close to the Caribbean Sea, I live here in Europe. I only go there for Christmas. And then I often just visit my mother’s friends. And we always go to the shopping center for a day.”

“What did you experience there?”

Maya-Elena: “Very large pretzels, slushies because it’s so hot, right. My first time having a snow cone was there. It was really tasty. I also like going to my aunt and my godmother.”


“What kind of facts or topics would you like to show in your museum as a museum director?”

Maya-Elena: “Can it also be about mythology? If so Greek mythology then. Percy Jackson (Maya-Elena’s favorite book series) is about Greek mythology. The same author has things about Norse mythology and more containing Roman & Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology.”

Gabriëlla: About countries that almost nobody knows, about culture, and maybe just… I don’t know. About countries in Africa or maybe about countries that have a lot of wars. Countries that experience poverty. Then I want to raise money for those people. Send all the money you make with the museum to those countries.”


“What kind of art would you like to showcase in your museum as a museum director?”

Gabriëlla: “From beginners!”

Nissi: “Maybe drawings from people.”


OSCAM x Kindermuseumdirecteuren ‘Stronger Together – Now and Forever’

Head curators Gabriëlla Adoab Madubuike, Maya-Elaina Illyana Rennie Richardson & Nissi Akwawua-Newman
Junior curator Naema Abdi
Executive production Joanna Bright & Zeluma Saling
Graphic design Marjorie Richards
Photography Sammerity

Supported by

Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie
ELJA Foundation
Gemeente Amsterdam

Special thanks to:

Basisschool Rozemarijn
Basisschool Samenspel
Basisschool de Tamboerijn

Chef Angie B
Eben Badu
Free Heri Heri
Giefa Sparkle
Omroep Zwart
Laura van Oord
Rossel Chaslie
Vesla Braafheid