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OSCAM x Freakz Du Artz present ‘The Barbers Chair’

The Barbers Chair is based on a conversation between hair artist Freakz Du Artz and his loyal customers, all while creating his signature hairstyles. The Barbers Chair can be seen as a crossover between a sitcom and an exhibition, all guided by (live) music. In the first edition singer, songwriter and producer Eva Simons will take place in Freakz’ Chair to receive a special cut. The second edition will be a Christmas special.

While Freakz is treating his customer on their requested hairstyle, the conversation and fun starts. With his signature way of styling hair, developed with fine craftsmanship and years of experience, his service can already be seen as a form of art, entertainment and education.

Date + Time

Thursday December 15 & 22 | 7.30 PM - 10 PM