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Looking forward in time we can already conclude that society is changing rapidly with COVID-19 and its impact on the world. Over this short period, we are learning that all of us depend on all of us.


The creative industry is soaring, and the changes in the world (will) have a huge impact on our work, business models and earnings.


What does a new society look like? What do we need? What don’t we need? How can creatives and entrepreneurs add value in a new world?


For our first series of talks we invited Karin Amatmoekrim to talk with: 

Lee Stuart/Violette Esmeralda –  PATTA

Els van der Plas – director Nationale Opera & Ballet 

Clayde Menso – director Amerpodia 

Nadine Ridder – creative strategist, writer 

Daan Lucas – founder creative agency Random Studio 

Greo Belgers – group director marketing Triodos Bank groep 

Anthony Harrison – creative director (Nike/Adidas/Mecca) 

Marian Spier, Board member VandenEnde Foundation 


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