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OSCAM x Fashion for Good Museum present ‘A durable Swagger-scape’.

How does Swagger flow, from a feeling, to a sound, to a brand, to a design and then back to a feeling? And how can we use this to stop the traps of overconsumption? In our upcoming collaboration with Fashion for Good Museum, we talk about the concept of ‘Swagger’ and how this can and has been a sustainable practice.

A swagger-scape is our collective imagination of how swagger flows. How does swagger flow from one sneaker drop to the next? How does it move from one music video to the next? From hiphop to R&B, from design to branding, from sporty suits to sagging jeans; swagger is a gospel of sustainability, and eventually a return to nature.

This project will unfold in the form of a comfortable living room, where we will go into conversation with local artists, designers, stylists and photographers to explore the theme of ‘Swagger’ and how they approach sustainability through this theme.


November 11, 2022 | December 23, 2022