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We are all on a personal journey. For creative people still trying to find their place, it can be challenging to discover possibilities within the industry, especially when representation is lacking. Look Around is a concept that embraces the identity of OSCAM in a talkshow format: we believe that creating bridges and connections is key. Young OSCAM producer and moderator Shaquille Shaniqua Joy invites a wide range of creatives with different disciplinary backgrounds to talk about their creative journey and passions to give tips on how to get started.

Our first guest was Brian Elstak. One of the subjects discussed was Ubuntu in relation to the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela Monument in Amsterdam.

Our second guest will be Fatima Warsame with whom we’ll talk about journalism and what it means to have your own talkshow.

Our third guest will be Aruna Vermeulen. She will talk and give tips about how to produce your own creative art platform from scratch.

Tune in every month on www.echobox.radio.

Concept & production: Shaquille Shaniqua Joy
Concept, direction & DoP: Fidelio Faustino
Sound design: Daniel Galili
AD: Gilles de Witt Hamer
Music design: Bengt Vliegen
Hair: Yara Forster
Special thanks to Sunny Jansen & Daily Paper

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