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We can’t wait to see all of you again after three months of closure, at our special Keti Koti event! Catch Club MAFB spinning in OSCAM. On this day, we commemorate the Surinamese slavery past. Our very own door host Rabia Omanette will welcome you in a special Keti Koti design, created by Kitchen For Fashion. We are excited to see in which stunning Keti Koti looks you guys will turn up! Come dance, see the Patta Amsterdam exhibition ‘We will be here forever. Do you understand?’ and grab some drinks with us in the name of freedom!
Ike Melchizedek
Max H.
RIVM-rules: Of course we are happy to be together again after such a long time. Nevertheless, we do expect that everyone follows the RIVM regulations during this event. This means that everyone who does not belong to the same household, should keep a distance of 1,5 meters at ALL times. Moreover, we recommend wearing a face mask, but this is not obligatory. Thank you for thinking about the safety of yourself as well as others!