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November 16 till november 22 is the Amsterdam Conference week, themed ‘Connected City’. During this week, we work together to create a more tolerant Amsterdam. In line with this topic, Omaira Toelsie of Encourager and OSCAM produce two online speak sessions through Instagram live, themed ‘freedom’ and ‘art as activism’.

The first theme wil be discussed today, with the inspiring speaker Nella Ngingo. Nella, is a model and prominent figure in the lgbtqia+ community, who has been brought up in Burundi and is living in the Netherlands. Her views on freedom, and what it means to be free have a unique perspective.

Other inspiring speakers that are invited to talk about the second theme ‘art as activism’ this friday, are Aynouk Tan, Janice Deul, Naomie Pieter, and of course our host Dapheny Oosterwolde.

Check in on our Instagram, to follow the Online Speak Sessions x Encourager!

Special thanks: Gemeente Amsterdam and Fonds voor Zuidoost


Tuesday November 17 | 7 PM

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