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In our second online Speak Session x BLKNWS, we invite Akwasi to discuss BLKNWS with Kees de Koning, founder of Top Notch and De Stroom. ⁠⁠There are a number of concepts that will pass review, including cultural appreciation vs. appropriation, Kees’ role within Top Notch and de Stroom, and his contribution to the Dutch musical landscape.

This session left us hungry for more, so on March 1 we are dropping another edition in collaboration with creative collective Art Comes First! All editions are premiering live via YouTube, so you can chat with us and let us know what you think.

Moderator: Akwasi Ansah
Guest: Kees de Koning
Producers: Ahisha Echteld & Sasu Aghafua
Video production: sQuare Amsterdam
Camera’s: Aldo Agaatsz & Vincent van den Brink
Sound: Paul Fitz
Music: Bnnyhnna
Edit: Aldo Agaatsz

Made possible by Het Nieuwe Instituut with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Monday February 15 | 6 PM

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