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The Bijlmer is travelling to Rotterdam South, and Rotterdam South is travelling to the Bijlmer, for a new exchange Speak Session series on youth culture, identity and lifestyle, initiated by Marcel Dela Haije, city marine of Rotterdam, and Marian Duff, founder of OSCAM.

Broadening your view by entering into a conversation and sharing different stories, that is what OSCAM believes in. To meet this need, OSCAM initiates various lectures and debates with various partners under the name ‘Speak Sessions’. in 2019 OSCAM organized Speak Sessions with, among others, the Public Prosecution Service and Opera Forward Festival. The series ‘Speak Session 020 x 010’ was initiated by Dela Haije and Duff, after the successful Speak Session in collaboration with the Public Prosecution Service. Together with the youth of Damsko and Roffa, Stichting Ik ben WIJ, Studio Act Out, Stichting Helderheid 5314, Swazoom Welzijn and Stichting JOZ we are going to visit Het Klooster to talk about ’empowerment and dreams’ on September 3. On October 14 these parties, together with mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb and district chairman Tanja Jadnanansing will come to OSCAM, to discuss this topic further, and to steer the future of these two cities towards the goals of the youth.

A sense of equality is important in order to have a good conversation with each other. In the coming sessions, this feeling is needed to ensure in-depth conversations with as few socially desirable answers as possible. The answers of the participants must come from the heart as much as possible. Of course we also hope this from the professionals, because only then, will the session come to a point where we can learn from each other. During the writing and discussing of the dream letter, the participants in groups of 4 or 5 learn to formulate their wish or dream for the future for the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The group’s ‘I’ and the personal stories are central to the formulation. Feeling safe and secure to share your story is central. You go back to your true self. You share your story, discover your strength and also the strength of others.

September 3 | 6 PM - 9PM

Tickets (SOLD OUT)