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OSCAM presents OSCAM AIR #1 x HvA – ‘Good Citizenship’

Under a specific theme, OSCAM AIR gives three to five artists from all disciplines, the opportunity to settle in the HvA at the Business Campus in Amsterdam Southeast for 5 months. The artists are chosen based on their ability to amaze and inspire people, but also to stimulate them to think about the theme and the art that goes with it. This creates space for connection, reflection and new insights within an environment where education is already fundamental.

Citizenship has a political-legal, economic, social and vital dimension. We zoom in on the social dimension, which is about willingness and the ability to be part of a multicultural community and to actively contribute to it.


The four artists we invited for the first edition were Raquel van Haver, The New Originals, Lisa Konno and Patta. They made new works from previously made works in a new light in the space of the HvA. They were also interviewed on film to further explore their vision and work in the context of the theme ‘good citizenship’. Read more about OSCAM AIR #1 here!


Curators: Marian Duff & Jeroen Visser
Production: Charmaine Wartes
Artists in residence: Raquel van Haver, The New Originals, Lisa Konno and Patta.
Photography: Les Adu Photography
Videography: Fidelio Faustino
Supported by: Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Special thanks: Ineke Bussemaker, Armand Ong a Swie, Noukhey Forster, Thijs Ottens en Louisanne van Hooff


October 19 2020 - January 15 2021