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OSCAM AIR #4 x HvA present ‘Good Citizenship’.

Citizenship has a political-legal, economic, social and vital citizenship dimension. We zoom in on the social dimension, which is about willingness and the ability to be part of a multicultural community and to actively contribute to it. Within this, we mainly focus on community and the role of the neighbourhood in which you surround yourself, both in terms of people and spatial layout.

In this edition, the artists translate the journey of discovery they have made in their search for identity, community and good citizenship into art. They also show us that art can be interactive. What do you think “good citizenship” means?


Visit the art of Clan de Banlieue, Safae Gounane and Prince Cartiee and discover what good citizenship means to them, to Marian Duff, curator of OSCAM and to Jeroen Visser, Director of Operations of HvA here.


Curator and concept: Marian Duff
Production: Julie Becker
Artists In Residence: Clan de Banlieue, Safae Gounane & Prince Cartiee
Photography: Elzo Bonam
Graphic Design: Lamiae El Hajjaji
Supported by: Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Special thanks: Jeroen Visser, Ineke Bussemaker, Saundra Williams, Elliott Gallery, Marjorie Richards, Louisanne van Hooff, Shaquille Shaniqua Joy & Manu Drenthem Soesman


October 6, 2022 | February, 2022