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Open Call Fashion Illustrators

In collaboration with the Illustratie Ambassade we organize the exhibition ‘The Future of Fashion’ in het Meterhuisje at the Westergas in Amsterdam.

A critical look at the fashion and art system requires a radical approach that challenges the industry at its roots, especially in the areas of exclusivity, exploitation, colonization and pollution. More and more information is surfacing about this harmful system and more and more enthusiasts, makers, consumers and organizations are demanding a change.

For some time, there has been a need amongst new makers, designers, and fashion and art students to tackle this system. More than ever, a strong responsibility is needed to open up to new perspectives that are overlooked, ignored and denied. This requires more research, depth and collaboration in which humanity, community and the environment must take precedence.

That is why we are organizing an open call for creatives who are in the overlapping field of fashion and art. We are looking for (inter)national fashion illustrators with an investigative, innovative, interdisciplinary and/or reflexive drive, who want to show their work at the exhibition the Future of Fashion and Art in the Meterhuisje at the Westergas in Amsterdam. The result of the exhibition aims to be an inspiration for international fashion illustrators, companies, academies and consumers and/or enthusiasts.

Are you the fashion illustrator we are looking for? Send your portfolio and pitch no later than June 15 to [email protected] and let your voice be heard!

Illustration by Ikram el Messaoudi


June 15, 2022