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From June 24, 2021, Amaal Mohmoud, Erik van Ginkel, Rubiah Balsem and Annemarie den Dekker will join OSCAM’s supervisory board. Together with the two permanent Supervisory Board members Duco Wildeboer and Jennifer Alspeer, they form the renewed Supervisory Board. Current Supervisory Board member Charlene Austin is stepping down from her supervisory role.

Director Marian Duff: “We are incredibly proud that we have interviewed so many nice and great people, and that we have been able to put this team together. This collective covers all facets that the future of OSCAM wants to entail and together we will take OSCAM to the next level.”

“These members will greatly expand our supervisory board,” adds Duco Wildeboer (Chairman of the OSCAM Supervisory Board). “It’s something that fits with the near future of OSCAM, where we expect to make a growth in terms of development. OSCAM is at the center of attention and more opportunities and possibilities are presenting themselves everyday, at home and abroad. We have the opportunity to pave the way for other institutions, and thus a broad experience in the supervisory board is appropriate. OSCAM is here to give the creatives of South-East a home and to develop craftsmanship. OSCAM is mainly here to facilitate an in-depth conversation between all residents of Amsterdam and to give it a permanent place. We have to be a stage for talent with a different sound.”

Below more about Amaal, Duco, Jennifer, Erik, Rubiah and Annemarie.

  • Amaal Mohmoud, content and communication manager at Soho House Europe. Amaal has a law background, but decided to turn 180 degrees and follow her passions within art, culture and community building, where creating spaces where everyone can be heard is central.
  • Duco Wildeboer, senior supervisor at the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets. Duco has a background in Law and Art History. After three years of working in the art trade sector of London, he made a career switch to the financial sector and stock exchange. With his many years of experience at (NYSE) Euronext and Deloitte, he eventually ended up at AFM. Outside working hours, Duco is active at several foundations and funds as chairman or member of the Supervisory Board. He has taken up both of these roles with us since 2019.
  • Jennifer Alspeer, founder and attorney at Speer Advocatuur. Jennifer has worked as a lawyer and legal advisor at, among others, the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations, at the Dutch Gaming Authority and in the legal profession. She now mainly focuses on her own law firm, assisting companies, individuals and art institutions with advice and assistance on legal issues and legal proceedings. She loves art and has been a member of our Supervisory Board since 2019.
  • Erik van Ginkel, CEO of the Rijksmuseum. Erik is a lawyer, but has been working in the art and culture sector for 30 years. With his previous experience as chairman of the AFK and Mondriaan Fund, director of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, managing director of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and vice-chairman of the Dutch Museum Association, he brings a lot of know-how to OSCAM.
  • Rubiah Balsem, founder and director of Studio Balsem and Cultural Professionals Collective. Rubiah has a background in Law, Art, Culture and Politics. As an intermediary and policy strategist for governments and cultural institutions, she focuses on the creative cities of the future. Through co-creation she brings in non-Western perspectives to open up the art and culture sector. The Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Stevenson, and RISE are just a few of the collaborating parties. She currently works for the municipality of Amstelveen as an interim Head of Art & Culture and Culture Broker.
  • Annemarie den Dekker, director of Rijksmuseum Muiderslot. Annemarie previously worked as Head of Museum Affairs & Programming at the Amsterdam Museum and as an exhibition curator. She has a lot of experience within the art scene and a large network within the cultural field. Annemarie also holds various board positions, including chair of the Climate Museum and a member of the art and culture committee of the Pride. She is committed to making art and culture as accessible as possible to the widest audience possible.

We alternate this good news with a farewell and acknowledgement to Charlene Austin, who has resigned from her position as supervisory board member of OSCAM. Charlene has been committed to OSCAM together with Duco and Jennifer since 2019 and we are eternally grateful to her for that. She will continue her career as founder of Okra Agency and as head of Marketing and Communication at HEM. Charlene, we wish you all the best with these and future projects!