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OSCAM x Lee Stuart: ‘Let’s be honest: We all need rest’

‘Let’s be honest: We all need rest’ unites a group of artists from different disciplines to showcase their vision on one of the major issues of our time; How do we find peace?

In today’s Zeitgeist, where grind culture is the norm and in which we are used to going on and on.. and on, it’s all the more important to stand still and to prioritise yourself. Without peace and mental well-being, we as humans, and therefore the artist that lies in all of us, cannot move forward.

Utilising craftsmanship, creativity and devotion to the cause of rest, 6 national and international artists showcase their honest answers on imperfection. As they introduce their visions and unexpected expressions on equality. Aiming to explore what rest means to them.

‘Let’s Be Honest: We All Need Rest’ examines the established capitalist system and a culture of productiveness. In this exhibition, OSCAM bravely refutes these ideas and offers room for different perspectives on the concept of rest. Providing personal tools and insights on finding peace in the middle of all this noise.

By means of a retreat space, art and cleverly curated Speak Sessions, Lee Stuart and OSCAM collectively encourage reflection through an exhibition stacked with accessible tools. In order to achieve an understanding of different ways to reach a state of mind that oozes pause and rest.


Head curator: Marian Duff
Guest curator:  Lee Stuart
Production: Georbella Fini
Production assistants: Allysia van Duijn and Sharon Ngu-Nji
PR: Okra Agency
Graphic design: Kimberley Ter Heerdt
Photography: Dennis Branko
Made possible by: BNG Cultuurfonds, Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Artist: Ayomide Tejuoso (Plantation), Gogy Esparza, Hanane El Ouardani, James Lacey (Pointless Illustrations), Jim Klok and Serana Angelista
Special thanks to: Loes Alice Gobes

On view from

Saturday June 17 - Saturday October 28, 2023