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Speak Session: OSCAM x Lee Stuart: ‘Let’s be honest: We all need rest’


Metro Station Ganzenhoef in front of Ganzenhoef

The second Speak Session of the exhibition Let’s Be Honest: We all Need Rest

This speak session is around the theme of sustainability. How do you balance this? Together with the community we go outside for a walk in nature. By means of a silence we make space for nature to absorb and find peace within itself. After about 45 minutes of walking we arrive at a place where a Breath work session is held led by Debby Forster from Uprising Yoga & Lifestyle This session lasts 1 hour. The session will be held in Dutch.

After the session there is room for reflection while enjoying a hot drink and a snack. Then we walk together back to the starting point.

Date + Time

Saturday September 16 | 1 PM - 4.30 PM