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Today Cultureel Zuidoost launches the ‘Culturele Landkaart Zuidoost’! At a glance you can see how art and culture are connected.

The major renovations in the Zuidoost district are an opportunity that we should not miss. Now is the time to invest in Southeast, with a revitalization of our new city monuments and new iconic buildings. By offering sufficient cultural space, Zuidoost can develop into a magnet for artists in all phases of their development.

This way we will create a fully-fledged production and business climate that we can use for years to come. We’re also thinking about making space for a new Bijlmerpark Theater, a cluster for art and culture in the Amsterdamse Poort shopping center, music and talent cluster in the K-Buurt and various breeding and manufacturing areas.

In the ‘Culturele Landkaart Zuidoost’ we included 7 recommendations.

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