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OSCAM x CBRE Marketing Suite present In The Spotlight

Welcome to the Marketing Suite! To get to know De Amsterdamse Poort a bit better we will introduce you to some of the creative teams that make De Poort the place it is today. These organizations show the richness of De Poort and help to develop it into a place for art and culture, accessible to everyone. Therefore, they deserve to be in the spotlight!

For each edition of OSCAM x In The Spotlight, we invite an interdisciplinary artist to interview and illustrate one of the teams that add knowledge, culture and art to De Poort. Through this illustration we tell the team’s story, and you will get to know them a little better.


In the first edition we collaborate with artist JSP. Jesper Buursink aka JSP profiles himself as a podcast/radio maker and illustrator. Preferably in combination. All in a very recognizable JSP style where humor, action and information are the main ingredients and the people can simply be. His recognizable drawings can be found everywhere in the Bijlmer as murals, on or in cultural spaces, in people’s homes, and nowadays also in museum collections.


For the first edition OSCAM and JSP interviewed Untold, an organization that focuses on empowerment, talent development, cultural education and professional productions for the youth and for adults, in the field of dance and theater. They have been in De Poort for 20 years.

Curator: Marian Duff
Production: Julie Becker
Artist: Jesper Buursink
Team De Poort: Untold
Decor Builder: Armand Ong-A-Swie
Special thanks: CBRE Global Investors, Marjorie Richards & Louisanne van Hooff

13 July 2022 | September