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OSCAM x Free Heri Heri For All

In remembrance of our ancestors and in commemoration of the abolishment of slavery by the Dutch Kingdom, we’ll be sharing 280 free Heri Heri meals in collaboration with The Black Archives to bring awareness to this historic day. It’s imperative to remember our history so that we continue to dismantle systematic injustice & remember that nobody is free until all of us are free.⁠

Join us this year during Keti Koti, on Friday July 1st, and continue the movement of sharing the stories of our ancestors.⁠

Today, Heri Heri is considered a delicacy and it is known as a dish that was cooked by many of our enslaved ancestors on plantations around the world during the transatlantic slave trade. ⁠

Between 3PM and 6PM there will be 3 timeslots in which visitors will get a guided tour around the museum while vibing to tunes by DJ’s Nathifa Efia & Ike Melchizedek, as well as collectively enjoy the meal.⁠

1 July 2022