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OSCAM’s Third Exhibition

For our third expo OSCAM selected a variety of artists from home and abroad to exhibit their vision of 50 jaar Bijlmer or show a selection of their body of work aligned with the vision of the museum. Special from Suriname the young artists Kenny van Genderen and Dave Simson. But also: Brian Coutinho, Carin Verbruggen, Christine Kipiriri, Gebi Seedorf, Kés Aerts, Nancy Schoenmakers, Nathan Lewis, Peter Vial, Raquel van Haver, Sylvana Simons, Vinger.nl x Dagmar de Kok, Vinger.nl x Bert Jacobs, Vinger.nl x Marcel van den Berg andVinger.nl x Arty Emil

Next to OSCAM, there are also changing exhibitions in the Atrium of the CEC-building, to celebrate the Bijlmer’s 50th anniversary. The second exhibition, called ‘Living in the Bijlmer – City Built for the Future’, takes visitors through the history of the Bijlmer. Why was the Bijlmermeer built? Which vision was there behind the design and how did this work out in practice? Urbanistic images, old-fashioned newspapers and leaflets are combined with historical black and white photography by the famous photographer Pieter Boersma, who has made photographic reports of the Bijlmer from the very beginning.

Also on show the project ’50 years Bijlmer through childrens eye’s’ a collaboration between de Brede School Zuidoost (PPOZO) and CBK Zuidoost. An exhibition composed with 120 students from the Bijlmer and 10 artists from 7 different disciplines.