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OSCAM x Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet present ‘Costume’

 With Costume, the artistic family Richters, OONA and Soraya Basiran give their own interpretation to existing costumes from Nationale Opera & Ballet. The costumes were made in the costume department of Dutch National Opera & Ballet at Waterlooplein in Amsterdam and had roles in various operas and ballets. They stand for elegance, freedom of movement and style. The new art pieces from the artists based on these costumes are linked to several ateliers within the Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet. Marian Duff always strives to connect talents from the Bijlmer with OSCAM and other institutions and organizations in the city and does that this time by involving the artistic family Richters, consisting of Fana (also known as AiRich), Merete, Dashan, Shashu, Ayana and Ahijah Richters. OONA and Soraya Basiran were selected based on the work they have previously done for Angelique Hoorn Management, which caught Duff’s attention.

Angelique Hoorn Management presents OONA and Soraya Basiran

As an illustrator, OONA likes to be inspired by contrasts. Next to that, he gives his classic handwork power by using digital post-processing. In his work, he often adds animal characteristics to humans, which will also be the case for Costume. Soraya Basiran is a fashion stylist/illustrator and is known for her high fashion ink drawings and sketches: edgy, ladylike and mysterious are the type of women she likes to draw. She is the owner of Bluhaven and previously made illustrations for H&M.

SHOOT THE MOON Agency presents the Richters family

All six family members of the young artistic family Richters from Bijlmer (Amsterdam) are going to show their talent for Costume. Ayana will use her creativity to make customized bags while Ahijah will show his talent behind the deck. The remaining four family members will make the new artwork related to Costume. Although visual artist AiRich is now making a collage for Costume, she usually uses portrait photography to tell stories, focusing on visual collaborations and projects at home and abroad. Afrofuturism plays an important role in her work. Artist Shashu however, uses a different view on the costumes and draws inspiration for her artworks from Japanese traditional clothing and flowers.


Curator: Marian Duff
Gastcurator: Robby Duiveman
Productie: Charmaine Wartes
Tekst: BAAS Amsterdam and Charmaine Wartes
Kunstenaars: Fana Richters, Merete Richters, Dashan Richters, Shashu Richters, OONA en Soraya Basiran
Speciale dank aan: Ayana Richters (customized tasjes) and Ahijah Richters (muziek), Richard Soesanna, Noukhey Forster, Louisanne van Hooff and Yves Saïdi
Powered by: Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet, SHOOT THE MOON Agency, Angelique Hoorn Management, Gemeente Amsterdam, CEC, OBA Hotspot Ganzenhoef, Amsterdam Museum en adviesorganisatie B&A Groep