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YOAK x Shaquille Veldboom x Digital Expressions: Black Joy

OSCAM x Digital Expressions: Black Joy is an exhibition that focuses on the experience and understanding of Black Joy. It reflects the idea that Black people experience joy despite their history and its aftermath. Without any doubt, apology or embarrassment. Indoors, within the community moreover online via social media, there is a collective sense of understanding with regard to Black experiences that incite laughter.


Shaquille Veldboom is a young Back man who grew up in Amsterdam Zuidoost. At the age of eight, he taught himself 3D Design by watching YouTube tutorials. This gave him the opportunity to bring his fantasies to life digitally. 

Veldboom is particularly influenced by his father (an electrical engineer),  as well as his grandfather (a mechanic), with whom he eventually and collectively built their first 3D printer in 2013. The artists dropped out of college three times because it did not correspond with his working methods, nor did it agree with his creative process. Despite of not having a degree, Shaquille has become an in-demand and well-known 3D Designer who works on projects related to industrial design, game design, animation and music.

Veldboom invites you into a virtual world that is monitored on screen. During the course of the exhibition — extended to May 2, 2023 — the artist will create and assemble a vehicle, of which each part is separately printed and constructed out of CPE, known as manipulated PET from bottles. To finally cleverly simulate a beautifully composed car.


Head curator: Marian Duff
Co-concept development: Charmaine Wartes
Co-curator and production: Georbella Fini
Assistent production: Sharon Ngu-Nji
Artists: Shaquille Veldboom
Image by: Tailo Neri
Thanks to: Fonds 21, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and Stichting DOEN / Vriendenloterij Fonds
Special thanks to: Lakiescha Tol, Loes Alice Gobes, Louisanne van Hooff, Otmar Watson, Studio Notoire, Sohna Sumbunu, Julia – Beth Harris, Nathan Lewis, Fabian Broekhuizen, Shaquille Veldboom & Noukhey Forster

On view from

Tuesday January 10 | Tuesday May 2, 2023