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We are back with our sixth Closet Sale edition! Since the start of it all we have had various people selling brand clothing. You can easily find good items for a good price.
The Closet Sale will have everything you are used to. Come and shop the closets of our fashion friends, listen to the poetry of the students of the Poetry Class by Gershwin Bonevacia, showcase your talents on our open mic/DJ stage called Service, and dance your ass off!
Closet Sale participants:
Karin Amatmoekrim
Fleur Ouwerkerk
Steven Dahlberg
Botoxclub studio
Richard Soesanna
Loyalty to few
Amber Terlouw
Carmen Medar
The Poetry Class participants:
Virgil Bruinhart
Jochabed Donyinah
Ellen Bokkinga
Akberet Debessai
Tiwka Masfar
Peggy van Kruger
Music by Service:
TrangaRugie & TheMusicLovers
Richard Soesanna
And more
Date + Time

26/10/2019 | 5PM-11PM