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On June 19th, we raise awareness for sickle cell diseases on World Sickle Cell Day. The group of diseases in which red blood cells take the shape of a sickle, occur very often in people of Sub-Saharan African, Indian and Arabian origin. Inspired by the life story of a good friend, Brian Elstak created the children’s book Lennox en de Gouden Sikkel with Hedy Tjin and debuting author Zindzi Zevenbergen for IXL Sickle Cell Awareness. The book will be launched in OSCAM.

There will be two timeslots available for this book launch. The session from 2 PM to 4 PM is for children and adults, the session from 8 PM – 9:30 PM is for adults. Book a timeslot below!

Book launch

19 June 2021 | 2 PM - 9:30 PM