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OSCAM presents ‘5 YRS Retrospective’.

As you all know, over the past five years, OSCAM has done lots of collaborations with different artists. On our birthday party, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and look back on some of the amazing exhibitions we’ve had in our space so far.

Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to prepare the exhibition ‘Retrospective’, in which 50% of the artist will be from Amsterdam Southeast. All the artists will in some way tell the story of OSCAM and that what we stand for. The exhibition will not just be a retrospective of the past five years, but also a glimpse of the future, as we invited some new names in our space.

During the opening, we will also give a teaser of our special project MUSEUM.

The opening wouldn’t be a true OSCAM opening without a party… So prepare yourself for the best tunes and a night of dancing! The program will follow ASAP.


November 25, 2022 – December 23, 2022


OSCAM 5 YRS Retrospective is an exhibition by OSCAM
Curators: Marian Duff & Noukhey Forster
Production: Osasu Aghafua
Supported by: Masterplan Zuidoost
Artists: Robbert Doelwijt Jr., Christine Kipiriri, Jan Hoek, Duran Lantink, Brian Elstak, Allysia v.d., Kenneth Aidoo, Shivonne Alberto, PATTA with works of Stacii Samidin & Shertise Solano, Roxanne Mbanga & Lawil Karama
Special thanks: Louisanne van Hooff,  Annoëlle van Hooff & Marjorie Richards


November 25, 2022 | December 23, 2022