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Young OSCAM Art Kitchen

Info and background stories of our current exhibition
Young OSCAM Art Kitchen

OSCAM invites young artists and makers to claim space, present their work and develop themselves as creative entrepreneurs in our newest concept: Young OSCAM Art Kitchen. This six week exhibition, which is curated by the (Young) OSCAM team, supports young artists and makers in reaching a broad public and creating lasting connections within the OSCAM network. With Young OSCAM Art Kitchen, OSCAM aims to stay in direct contact with the new generation of makers from various backgrounds and prepare them for a professional future in the creative industry.

Presenting Nikè Marchand (NTTONYE)
Bio & Artwork

Adenikè Tamara Tonye Yetunde (Nikè) Marchand is an artist based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Her artworks are focused on expressionism and the duality of emotions, and are influenced by both her Nigerian father and her Dutch mother.

Since early childhood, Nikè has been drawing with passion. Back then, she preferred to use pens, as she never felt the need to erase anything she drew. According to her, she never made mistakes while putting her thoughts and expressions on paper. Her drawings were just right at that moment in time and space. Luckily, she kept the confidence she had as a child.

With age, her drawings developed thematically and she started using different materials. After her teenage years she became more fascinated by color and shape, which she translated into interpretations of reality in her art.

Nikè uses her emotions and life experiences as inspiration for the structure within and clarification of her work. The tools that she uses, give her the option to make emotional challenges tangible and touchable. The aim of her work is to make viewers aware that nothing is “common” and nothing is “odd”. She feels that expressing yourself in any shape or form without feeling any inhibition, is a fundamental necessity.


Curators and production: Noukhey Forster & Sasu Aghafua
Artist: Nikè Marchand
Image credtis: Nikè Marchand
Special thanks: Marian Duff, Phuong Nguyen, Marjorie Richards & Louisanne van Hooff

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