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Young OSCAM Art Kitchen

Info and background stories of our current exhibition
Young OSCAM Art Kitchen

OSCAM invites young artists to claim space, present their work and develop themselves as creative entrepreneurs in our newest concept: Young OSCAM Art Kitchen. This six week exhibition supports young artists in reaching a broad audience and creating lasting connections within the OSCAM network. The exhibition is produced by an OSCAM curator who supervises a Young OSCAM co-curator through the process of building an exhibition. With Young OSCAM Art Kitchen, OSCAM aims to stay in direct contact with the new generation of makers from various backgrounds and to prepare them for a professional future in the creative industry.

Presenting YOAK x Maha Eljak ‘A Glimpse Of Us, Marhaba’
Bio & Artwork

In the summer of 2022, artist, model and creator of DIY punk zine Mahazine, Maha Eljak (Mah-ha A’jack) returned to her homeland Sudan after five years, with only a notebook and a camera. Aiming to live completely analogue to experience her beloved Sudan through her very own and tender perspective. Resulting in reportage of memorable and endearing moments of intimate insights that are invisible to most outsiders.

Recognised for her unconventional artistic point of view, Eljak continuously aims to seek new manners and creative outlets to express herself. Utilising her passions and interest, the artist hopes to establish a conscious and aware world in which she evokes the belief that she herself, as are many others, is more than their religion or exterior.

Eljak aspires her artistic body of work to contribute to the urgency of creating, hoping it will eventually strengthen one’s own creative belief. Generously urging each to follow their gut feeling, ‘the one that is always right’. 


Head curator: Noukhey Foster
Young OSCAM ProducerShaquille Shaniqua Joy
Artists: Maha Eljak
Thanks to: Fonds 21, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and Stichting DOEN / Vriendenloterij Fonds
Special thanks to: Marian Duff & Loes Alice Gobes

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