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Young OSCAM Art Kitchen

Info and background stories of our current exhibition
Young OSCAM Art Kitchen

OSCAM invites young artists to claim space, present their work and develop themselves as creative entrepreneurs in our newest concept: Young OSCAM Art Kitchen. This six week exhibition supports young artists in reaching a broad audience and creating lasting connections within the OSCAM network. The exhibition is produced by an OSCAM curator who supervises a Young OSCAM co-curator through the process of building an exhibition. With Young OSCAM Art Kitchen, OSCAM aims to stay in direct contact with the new generation of makers from various backgrounds and to prepare them for a professional future in the creative industry.

Presenting Bo Bosk (Bodoingthings)
Bio & Artwork

Bo Bosk is a 30 year old self-taught artist, born and raised in Amsterdam Southeast. He first connected with art when he was around eight years old, through works of graffiti. Six years ago, he got interested in working on canvas, and now he mainly uses oil paint to tell stories. His current work has been on show at different locations within the Netherlands as well as in London and Los Angeles, but never this close to home.

After having spent his whole life in Amsterdam, Bo decided to move to London to discover a new and more dynamic art scene. There he watched and discussed many different movies with his friend and actor Lloyd. This led to Bo developing a knack for creating movie scenes on canvas. Using intimate self portraits, portraits of friends and real-life scenes, his work consists of stills of yet unfinished stories the viewer is eager to explore further.

Curator: Noukhey Forster
Young OSCAM Curator: Sasu Aghafua
Artist: Bo Bosk
Image credits: Bo Bosk
Special thanks: Marian Duff, Marjorie Richards, Louisanne van Hooff, Shaquille Shaniqua Joy & Annoëlle van Hooff

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