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United Painting

United Painting is a group of creatives with a shared passion for creating big artworks in unexpected places. In favelas, refugee camps or just on a square in the neighborhood. A movement of creative activism that spreads like an oil drop and embraces everyone who likes to paint. As their motto goes: united we paint, divided we fail. The artworks form a decor, where people come together to create something special. During the process connections and inspiration are created. The process also often changes the way people look at a place and how they interact with each other.

Video by Fidelio Faustino


For United Painting, hearing, making your voice heard and being heard is an important part of good citizenship. ‘Standing for something and showing that you are there and may be there.’ For this reason, the group has recently started painting enormous words. Words that want to be heard and upon which one can reflect.

For OSCAM AIR x HvA, the group decided to create a stage that the user can fill with their own words. The Noord-Serre of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam is usually the place where words take center stage, are heard, weighed, and shared. In this way, the artwork ‘Unwritten’ is not just a beautiful stage for conversation, but also gives extra attention and depth to the words that are spoken. Hence, the artwork develops into an interactive project that is shaped and reshaped by every creative and user.

Images by Almichael Fraay