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The New Originals

The New Originals (TNO) is a clothing brand by three creatives that make performance clothing for the creative community. Inherent to their brand is thinking out of the box. They challenge themselves to explore how far creativity extends within their brand and other areas of interest. This mindset is shaped in their logo: a riddle in which a square of nine dots must be connected to each other with four straight lines.

OSCAM x TNO Chess in relation to the theme ‘good citizenship’

Both connected to Amsterdam Southeast, OSCAM and The New Originals teamed up because of their shared interest to blend and give back to communities. They created the OSCAM x TNO Chess because they believe that chess can function as a universal language that can build bridges between groups in society that sometimes clash with each other.

With games, the focus lies on the game and how it is played is based on skill set, not a specific age, gender, religion, social-economic position or cultural background. With this approach, the OSCAM x TNO Chess contributes to bringing people together without focusing on their individual differences. Deviating from a chess game with the colors black and white symbolizes breaking away from traditional customs and normalizing adaptation.

To make sure the chess set adds more substance to the theme, we thought outside of the box. In this match, instead of ‘attacking and hitting’ chess pieces, imagine that you have to prove to your opponent that you have the best strategy focused on an active approach to ‘accept’ the chess pieces and ‘win’ mutual respect. 

We believe this mindset is required to make an inclusive society.

Interview with TNO

Photos by Les Adu

Video by Fidelio Faustino