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Patta NL

Out of love for streetwear, Patta was born in 2004 and grew up as a shoe and clothing store owned by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt in Amsterdam. Patta is now much more than a store, with locations also in London and Milan. It is an internationally respected brand that is spread across different disciplines in and outside Amsterdam through collaborations.

Polaroid 8×10 gallery in relation to the theme ‘good citizenship’

In early 2020, Patta‘s creative director Vincent van de Waal worked on his interpretation of the Amsterdam coat of arms. The outcome was a collaboration with Polaroid, in which a series of 51 portraits were made on Polaroid 8×10 film. 

The full series portrays people from Amsterdam who, according to Patta, give the city a unique character. Among others, Clarice Gargard, Fatima Elatik, Mitchell Esajas and Rotjoch have been captured.

Good citizenship can express itself in many different ways. These people contribute to the city through their work, function or simply their ‘being’. Both directly and indirectly, they make Amsterdam a place where there is space to be yourself or to be there for someone else, in whatever (creative) way.

The Polaroids were taken by Polaroid’s own photographer Harriet Browse.

Interview with Patta

Photos by Les Adu

Video by Fidelio Faustino