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Artists In Residence, all over the Netherlands
OSCAM Artists In Residence, a new concept

Driven by our mission, we will always strive to stimulate interest in art for Amsterdammers, especially in Amsterdam Southeast. We believe that art should also be made accessible outside of museums, and simultaneously integrated within unknown or new environments. This philosophy is applied in the collaboration between OSCAM Artists In Residence and different locations in the Netherlands.


Under the theme ‘Good Citizenship’ OSCAM AIR gives three to five artists from all kinds of disciplines the opportunity to ‘settle’ at the HvA Business Campus (Fraijlemaborg) in Amsterdam Southeast. During a 5-month period, we create space for artistic connection and reflection on the theme ‘Good Citizenship’ within an environment that celebrates education and critical thinking. The artists are chosen for their ability to amaze and inspire people to look further and dig deeper.